Welcome to Allergy World!

Hi, everyone! And welcome to my ramblings on allergy research, the history of allergies, prevention and treatments for allergy, and the individual and social experience of having allergies. I'm full-steam ahead on this research project; I just spent the last year reading the history of allergy science from the first description of hay fever in 1819 to the 1970s.

Right now, I'm collecting personal experiences from allergy sufferers and allergists about allergy today. Tune in here for reflections and early findings as I start to put together the puzzle pieces of allergy in America today. If you want to take part in this research, start here - by taking this short survey - and then leave your email in the comment box.

I'd love to hear from as many people as I can. The thing I can't get at by reading the scientific research is what it's like to live with allergies. And, let's face it, that a crucial part of the story of allergies.